Ad Astra Recap

This was my first year going to Ad Astra. It was a whirlwind of a weekend. I drove up to Toronto on Friday afternoon with a few other writers from Ottawa. We arrived around 8 pm and spent under 48 hours there. It was a great experience. It seems like I didn’t see much while I was there, but it was go-go-go the entire weekend. I swear I slept.

Friday evening was the launch party for Leah Petersen‘s Cascade Effect from Dragon Moon Press. Saturday I wandered the dealer’s room, worked a couple of hours at the Bundoran Press table, attended a panel on what comes after the manuscript is finished, readings by Gabrielle Harbowy and East Block Irregulars Marie Bilodeau and Derek Kunsken, hosted a room party with Marie Bilodeau and much support with our Ottawa crew to promote Can-Con in October, and then party hopped between the Bundoran digital book launch for Salt and Iron Dialogues (the prequel to Matthew Johnson’s Fall from Earth) and the ChiZine room party. Sunday I attended a couple more panels (one on high fantasy and another on knowing when your story is done and it’s time to stop fiddling with it) and then it was on the road again.

It was a great weekend and a great convention. Everyone there is really friendly and I am now thoroughly stocked on books for the year, in addition to the year or two’s worth of books I already have sitting unread at home.


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