ChiSeries Arrives in Ottawa

Ottawa now has a speculative fiction reading series! ChiZine Publications has been sponsoring a reading series in Toronto for a while now but they won’t be hogging it any longer. ChiSeries launched in Ottawa on Tuesday night to an overcrowded basement room of The Royal Oak near the University of Ottawa.

Matt Moore hosted the evening. I stepped in to help man the ChiZine table selling books, which was fun. First Violette Malan read from her urban fantasy book Shadowlands, followed by an excerpt from The Soldier King, the second of her Dhulyn and Parno books.

Following a short break, Matthew Johnson read his short story Heroic Measures, which will be released in a collection by ChiZine next spring. It’s a fantastic read, go check it out. Now. Time’s a wasting.

Last but never least, Charles de Lint read the opening to his recently launched young adult novel, The Cats of Tanglewood Forest. I’m pretty sure the audience would have let him read the entire novel if not for pesky things like sleep and work demanding attention. The book is illustrated by Charles Vess and its absolutely stunning.

It was a great night and a huge success. If you missed it, you will definitely want to check out the next one in July. As if I didn’t buy enough books at Ad Astra last weekend, I’ve added yet more to my wish list. At least I have a year to catch up before Matthew Johnson’s short story collection is released. That will help a little.


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