Last night my critiquing group, the Scrawling Narwhals, celebrated its first anniversary. It got me to thinking a bit. We’ve all grown as writers in that time. The improvement in my stories after even just the first couple of critiques was notable. They are a great bunch and I am glad to have them.

It’s all thanks to a writing workshop we took with Matt Moore, Hayden Trenholm and Derek Kunsken (fundraising for Can-Con). It was a great workshop and well worth it, but so much more has come from it, including the Narwhals.

It’s also been a little over a year now since I started writing every morning before work with Derek and Marie Bilodeau, another byproduct of that workshop. It was a brutal routine to adapt to but has proven immensely productive and even entertaining when the chitchat and laughs slip in, but shhh, don’t tell Derek that and he’ll deny everything anyways. 😉
It’s been an awesome year and I know I wouldn’t be where I am now with my writing if not for that workshop, morning write-ins and the Narwhals. Don’t worry, I’m not forgetting about NaNo or my fellow wrimos, but if I get started on that this post will never end and then the pom-poems might come out… I’ll save the explanation on that reference for another post… Now where was I? Right! Wouldn’t be where I am now: I’ve got a collection of stories circulating, nine rejections (so close to double digits!), a few more still circulating *nudge nudge* and an awesome extended artistic network. So thanks to all of you and cheers to an even better year ahead.


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