A Tale of Firsts

Today NaNoWriMo asked:

“Wrimos, we want to hear about your first story. The very first one that sparked your imagination. And we want you to ask your friends to do the same. Let’s take over the internet with the stories of your stories today.
Writing matters.”

I don’t actually remember what first sparked my interest in writing. I started writing when I was about 4 or 5. It didn’t take long to get started after my mom taught me how to print. I vaguely remember a couple of those old stories, but here’s the real shocker: I still have print copies of them all. So for your amusement, here is one of my very first creations (typos edited):

The Frog
Once there was a frog. The frog lived in a pond. One day the frog decided to go for a walk around the pond. On the way, he saw a girl frog. The frog went over to her and asked if she would like to go swimming with him. She said yes. The frogs went swimming then they went for a walk.
The End.

I always remember those first stories as only being about three maybe four sentences long. There are a couple that short, and a few a bit longer. The other very first stories are: A Fun Park, A Best Friend, and The Tree House.

So what’s the story behind your first story? When did you catch the writing bug?


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