Can-Con & ChiSeries

Both were exactly as I expected: fantastic! As usual there was an abundance of interesting panels, too many to see them all. I really need to either get a Time Turner or clone myself before next year to fix this problem. My panels all went well and I got to hang out with a bunch of awesome people and meet even more. My sensei, Rick, had fun rolling me around on the floor during our martial arts demonstration (we got silly). I also got to see the Kymeras, back from their hiaitus, performing a time travel love story. It was brilliant. As one would expect from Marie Bilodeau, there were explosions and destruction a-plenty. And they had me on the verge of tears on several occasions. I do believe, and sincerely hope, that they will reprise this show and believe me, you should see it.

The moment everyone came for: Sensei Rick throws me to the ground.

The moment everyone came for: Sensei Rick throws me to the ground.

ChiSeries on the Tuesday following Can-Con, before any of us have really had a chance to recover, was the launch of Postscripts to Darkness 4. We got a preview and full reading of some great stories. It is definitely worth checking out. And there was an exciting announcement. I’ve been helping out with the ChiSeries manning the ChiZine Press book table, but at the next reading on January 14th (mark your calendars) I will get to host. Phenomenal cosmic power…. itty bitty living space. (Really, my apartment is wee.)


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