We have a tradition in our family that when we gather for dinner at Thanksgiving, we all share one thing that we are thankful for. I was thinking about this as I was busing over to my parents place for dinner and reflecting on the things that I was thankful for the last couple of years. It’s almost freaky when I think about how much has happened.

Thanksgiving two years ago, it was not even a full month since my fiance and I had split up. It was a tough decision for both of us, but the right one in the long run and fortunately a decision that we could make amicably. I was staying in my friends’ basement (non-blood family) and getting ready to move into my new apartment. My family and friends were a life-line to get through that period of change with my sanity (what sanity I have) in tact. I am always grateful for them.

This year though my thoughts have been turning to a different influence in my life, my artistic communities. The writing and storytelling communities that I have become a part of over the last couple of years are so incredibly supportive and have brought forward some amazing opportunities and that’s not showing any signs of slowing down.

I’m also thankful I didn’t explode from all the delicious food I ate yesterday. 😉


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