It hath begun

National Novel Writing Month. 2013. Day 3.

It was a little challenging to get started with writing on Friday. I was tired and have been lacking sleep for at least a week. I managed to get four story outlines done in time, but then was wrapping up some other projects, getting edits done and resubmitting stories and the like. But fortunately after a slow start things got moving. And now sitting at day 3, my first short story is complete. It’s just under 1,400 words long. I knew that this one would be short and quick to write. So that gives me a couple of days to revise it and then get a head start into my second story for the month. That one won’t be so short and will be a bit more challenging to write. And the biggest challenge as ML is behind us: the kick-off. That was last week and went over well.

Plus, there are some exciting developments in the works for storytelling. I will be having two performances at least in 2014. More to come on those later. 🙂


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