Book Launch: Destiny’s War

My good friend Marie Bilodeau is launching the third book of her series, Destiny’s War, on Friday, January 31 at Maxwell’s, at 5 pm. I absolutely love this series and I highly recommend you come out to the launch and pick it up. Plus, if you’ve never met Marie she’s a wonderful person, a whole lot of fun,Destiny's War cover and you seriously should.

She pre-launched the book in e-pub form before Christmas and I, too impatient to wait for the print copy, picked it up and just finished reading it. Let me tell you, it is a fantastic, fast-paced conclusion to the story.

Destiny’s War comes 10 years after the conclusion of book two, Destiny’s Fall. In all these years there’s one thing that really hasn’t changed, Layela wants nothing more than a quiet life with her family. But Mirial, it’s people and the ether races are in need of her once more and will saving them cost her the reunion she desires with her daughter?

The Destiny series is a sci-fi story that feels in many ways like a fantasy set on space ships with its ether races and the importance myth plays in the story. It’s wonderfully written and I just dare you to put it down. I certainly couldn’t and polished off the second half of Destiny’s War in one day; always a good sign for me. The book is filled with memorable characters a-plenty, from Layela to Josmere the Berganda (a sentient plant-based race), though my favourite is the adventurous, shoot first, grab a drink and then maybe ask questions later, Avienne Malavant. Many familiar faces are back for the third book, but Marie has a knack for quickly making you care about the new characters as well.

Check out more info about all three books in the Destiny series, with links to purchase, from Marie’s site. The whole series is still available as an ebook bundle for $9.99 if ereaders are more your style. Either way you should come out on January 31 and meet Marie and hear some readings.


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