May Recap

Of course the biggest writing achievement for May was the publication of my first story, Stolen Cargo. I also survived the 2-day Iliad rehearsal. We’re less than two weeks now till the show, still polishing, but I am thrilled and cannot wait to see it all come together. I also finally started drafting my dieselpunk story. It took a little longer than I hoped to dive into that one, getting caught up researching the Roaring Twenties.

Next up for June:

  • This is an Iliad-intensive week: recording background material and an interview for Literary Landscape last night; one-on-one rehearsal tonight; set rehearsal tomorrow; battle-group rehearsal Saturday; and finally some microphone practice Sunday.
  • Finish drafting the dieselpunk story. I was really hoping to have it drafted by now so it could be critiqued in June. Sadly I am too far behind for that, but if I can get it finished in the next week or so then I can get it critiqued in July and still have a couple weeks to edit before the submission deadline. I’m about 6K words in now and I think around the half-way point or a little further in the plot. My stories typically end under 5K so this one is looking a little longer, fortunately there is a wide margin for the anthology so no need to worry there.
  • Iliad! Performance is June 14th (buy your tickets!) and will take up the entire day. Then I crash/celebrate Father’s Day. It will be a no writing or slushing sort of weekend.
  • Edit the steampunk story. Deadline is June 30th. I got lots of helpful feedback from the critiques. Once Iliad is out of the way I have to get cracking on this.
  • Bonus round: I discovered another submission deadline for June 30th that will be a good fit for one of my other stories, which recently was rejected by Writers of the Future. I want to take some time to review it before submitting though and possibly add another scene.

What are you talking about? I’m not busy. June is all crickets and basking in the sun. 😉


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