June Check In

Happy Canada Day!

June is now behind us, though so much happened it felt more like two or three months than just one. First of all, the Iliad. It was an incredible success. We sold out the show; 150 joined us in the epic journey to Troy. It was an amazing experience. All the tellers brought their A+++++ game. I thought about writing a full post about it but honestly, all my words are spent. But the directors, Marie and Tom were all much more eloquent than I on the matter, so I direct you to them.

Then after the Iliad I dove back into writing and editing mode. I edited and submitted my steampunk story in time for the deadline. I also finished drafting the dieselpunk tale and that is with the critiquing group now. So what does July bring? (aside from fireworks and a sea of red and white swarming the streets of O-town)

I am back into edits on the novel after not touching it for an entire year. It took a bit to get back into it. Not even thinking about it for a year will do that. Leaving off edits/rewrite in the middle will make it worse. And then to add to my confusion, I really screwed myself up. During the insane editing month last summer, my energy was waning at the end, so I skipped over a couple of new scenes I had to draft in order to keep editing existing scenes. I hadn’t actually planned on leaving the novel on the backburner for a whole year, so I didn’t make it totally clear for myself that’s what I’d done. Also, jumping back in at the middle to draft new scenes is more challenging than editing. But things are underway.

I’m participating in CampNaNo for July. It’s NaNo, in the summer, with the added bonus of getting to choose your goal. I’ve set a goal for myself of 25 hours of editing for the month. That will include both the novel and the dieselpunk short once the critique group has had their way with it. The dieselpunk deadline in August 1, so after critiquing I’ll only have two weeks to whip it into shape. So July is all about the editing.

And in other news, though not related to my July goals, I will be telling at the Tea Party again in September with Marie Bilodeau. Our show is called Dangers of the Seas: Poseidon, Pirates and Merfolk – Oh My! 🙂