The Writecation

So, I actually meant to write a post when the writecation started and another right when it ended. See how well that worked? I am going to blame that on being so caught up in the writecation and the immense productivity that ensued, for indeed, productivity did ensue.

My goal was to spend my two weeks off going from draft 2 to 3, on paper. I actually managed to print off the story Thursday night before the writecation started and dive straight in. Wohoo! (Most impressive about that though is that it didn’t take 3 days for my little home printer to print the whole thing.)

And… goal achieved! Every morning I started writing at 7 am with Derek, waved him off to work and kept on trucking. Around 9:30 or so our usual Bridgehead starts to get noisy, and I’d have finally finished off cold tea (yes I am a mutant and can drink it cold, didn’t you know I was weird). So usually around 10 I’d pack up, stroll the couple of blocks over to the main library and get back to work. The stretch was nice. I actually managed to get through the whole novel on paper in about a week. So I spent the second week of the writecation transcribing all the edits and new scenes.

The one downside to an awesomely productive writecation? Not wanting to go back to the day job after. I could really get into this writing full-time idea, but I also really like having a roof over my head and food in my stomach so that won’t be happening anytime soon. Unless I will the lottery.

August & writecation: total success. I printed off the story again (thanks to a little assistance from Staples rather than babysitting my printer for an hour) last Friday and am now journeying to Draft 4.

And I also spent a little time playing with hot molten glass during my vacation:

cup 1 cup 2 oil lamp ornament 1 ornament 2pendants


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