Slouching towards Spring

Dread February is finally over. Hopefully with March will come warmer weather because it has been brutal here in Ottawa. And if not (I really don’t want to think about that possibility) I will certainly have enough reading to keep me busy. This week I had my short story (an old one that has plagued me for years trying to decide what to do with it) critiqued in the creative writing class, kicking off what is going to be a very busy few weeks. Everyone in the class is having a short story critiqued, which means three short stories to read every week and write a critique letter for each. The critique letter was a little odd for me as with the Narwhals I we mark-up the story with notes, discuss our feedback in person and then just hand over the marked manuscript. We have 15 people in the class so that would be a lot of material to go through and carry home after class. Instead we distill our feedback into one to three pages in the form of a critique letter. Not too hard really, just the “letter” format threw me off at first.

All this reading and critiquing for class is on top of my normal slushing for BCS and critiquing for the Narwhals. I did manage to finish my short story I was working on in February and submit it to them this week. It will be critiqued on the 9th, leaving me a few weeks to whip it into shape for the deadline. In the meantime I am editing my short story that was just critiqued in the class. We have to submit a portfolio at the end of the class containing the original draft we submitted, a revision plan (sort of a critique letter to ourselves) explaining how we plan to address the feedback we received and edit the story, and a revised copy of the story with those changes in place. We don’t have to fix everything that was commented on as we may not agree with the feedback and the revision plan can address that as well and explain why the feedback doesn’t work for the story and what we intend to do instead.

Hopefully March will prove sufficiently productive. Deadlines are looming at its end.


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