Beware the Ides of March

(ya, I know, this is the end of March not the Ides, but shit went down at the Ides, a little after the Ides, but I’ll get to that in a minute.)

Ah editing. Let me tell you, bouncing back and forth between editing one short story and another without even finishing a complete pass is not fun, at least not for me. I prefer to focus on one story, finish it or at least finish a stage before consciously setting it aside. I find even after finishing one story and moving onto the next can take me a bit to switch gears, especially compared to the long haul of focusing on a novel for months at a time. But the deadline is King and there is no sense wasting time. So while the Narwhals critiqued my Women in Practical Armor story, I commenced edits on the story for class (more like rewrites) and then once it was critiqued, I had to switch off in the middle. Fortunately I had offers for second readers on the Armor story, but that meant another mid-editing flip-flop.

And then the Ides came.

(I’m making this sound way more exciting than it is. I apologize for your impending disappointment.)

So about two weeks ago I get up (’twas a Wednesday, I remember it somewhat) and notice a little twinge in my back. Nothing major, but it’s a little sore and I’m not sure why, but the back was not a fan of work (sitting at a desk all day, twisting and reaching constantly over files). I thought maybe I pulled a muscle, just a little, or something, but it should go away in a day or two. Come Friday night the back is angrily protesting this whole cooking and doing dishes thing. My plan for the weekend was to make a big focused push on the story for class before Armor came back from second readers. It was a productive weekend alright, at watching tv and playing video games (Chrono Trigger!) while lounging on the couch on a pile of cushions to minimize my pain. Not what I had in mind. So Monday, still in pain, I went to the chiropractor to figure out what was what. Turns out that back pain was actually a dislocated rib. Don’t ask me how. Sadly I cannot even offer you sage advice about how to avoid this because I have no clue. In my sleep is the best guess. But it can take just a sneeze or a cough to dislocate a rib – the slight silver lining is the pain is far worse than the damage – so no one is safe! Seriously, don’t dislocate a rib, it SUCKS! I ended up having to leave my creative writing class last Tuesday because I was in too much pain, even brushing my teeth hurts (standing for more than a minute, leaning and bending is worse). And still in pain this past weekend.

Don’t ask me how she got here, I think the pain is making me delirious.

The good news: in spite of the pain I managed to edit the Practical Armor story and submitted it this morning. YAY! One thing off my plate. This also marks my 75th submission. Now I get to focus back on the story for class. Wohoo!

And in two weeks I’m off to Ad Astra (which god do I have to libate or sacrifice to for this rib to heal before then?) and hosting the Can-Con Caffeine & Candy party with Marie Bilodeau. This year instead of chocolate fountain we’re having a chocolate tar pit with dinosaur cookies to drown in it. Yes, you read that right! Cause that’s just how we roll.

chocolate dino death small


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