May at Last

With warmth and sunshine and a reprieve from deadlines. Ahhhh.

April was a little intense. Deadlines (revising story for class and for Second Contacts, both completed on time) on the heels of other deadlines (Women in Practical Armour on April 1). Plus April was still in recovery mode from the rib. April was far better than March for the rib pain but it was only last week that I was able to get through a whole load of dishes without pain. Dishes were the lingering hell.

On the Brink was a great success last week. We had a good turnout and people enjoyed the readings. Silver Stag Entertainment was there recording the event, so once the videos are up I will post a link for those who couldn’t make it.

And now… the odd lull after deadlines when current projects are complete and the next is not fully lined up yet. Over the past week I revised a story I wrote last summer and sent it off yesterday to a new call for submissions. And I realized that all the newly drafted short stories since last summer were written for calls for submissions. It actually hasn’t been all that many for some nine months. A few of those months were dedicated to the novel, during which I didn’t touch short fiction. I did also rewrite a couple older stories post-critiques. But it feels a little strange now to not be working towards a deadline.

I do have a short story idea on my list of things to write, but not for any deadlines. First I think I’ll go back and revise some more older stories and get them moving, starting with that one that was critiqued back in the fall that I have not gotten around to editing yet. I’m relishing the idea of May being a bit calmer.


On the Radio

On the Brink is tonight and over the past week the other writers and I have had the opportunity to be interviewed a few times, talking about writing, the event, mentorship and writing communities. Here’s links to all the interviews:

Enjoy the listen and see some of you out at Maxwell’s tonight!