Aurora Nomination Season

A new year also means a new seasons of literary awards and the Aurora Awards are now open for nominations!

The Aurora’s are Canada’s fan-voted awards for speculative fiction. Last year Marie Bilodeau, Matt Moore and I were nominated in the category of Fan Organizational for the Ottawa ChiSeries. We lost to the Toronto ChiSeries where it originated, which was still an awesome win for the ChiSeries.

The Ottawa ChiSeries is eligible for nomination again. My story, Soil of Truth, is also on the eligibility list for Short Fiction, and the Second Contacts anthology is eligible under Related Work. Derek Künsken and Marie Bilodeau are listed for their work on Can-Con 2015.

If you are interested in nominating for the awards, you do have to buy a membership to the CSFFA. Membership costs $10, but you will also be able to vote once the final nominees are announced. The best part is that as a member you will receive a package of all the works nominated for the awards so that you can read everything before voting. It’s a sweet package of fiction (novels, young adult novels, short stories, anthologies) for a good price. If you are interested in and want to support Canadian speculative fiction, this is a good way to do both. Two birds for one stone, whoo! 🙂

Nominations are open until March 19. The ballot gets announced April 1, then voting happens between June 15 and July 23. Give a little love to Canadian creators.

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