Short Fiction

OtR coverFairest Find, Over the Rainbow: Folk and Fairy Tales from the Margins. Exile Editions. November 30, 2018
Available from: Exile Editions | Chapters | Amazon
SF world 1Chinese Translation: Soil of Truth. Science Fiction World. May, 2017
New Legends Castle
Phantom’s Sting, New Legends: Caster, Castle and Creature. Visual Adjectives. May 1, 2016.
Available from: Amazon, 3 cover options: Caster, Castle, Creature.
Seocnd Contacts
Soil of Truth, Second Contacts. Bundoran Press. October, 2015.
Available from: Bundoran Press (print & ebook) | Amazon Kobo | Indigo
Of Airships and Automatons
Stolen Cargo, Of Airships and Automatons: Tales of Steam and Science. Witty Bard Publishing. May, 2014.
Available from: Amazon | Smashwords | Barns & Noble | Kobo | Print on Demand

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