Can-Con Schedule

The Can-Con schedule is now live! Whoo! (Unless I get asked to make more edits – web monkey go!) Let me tell you, it’s gonna be awesome. Seriously. We’ve got a blood splatter expert doing a panel after he gets back into town from a blood stain convention. There’s a graphic image warning on our schedule. Dude! Plus two friends of mine have gratiously agreed to come and do a Filipino Martial Arts demo: stick fighting, blades, coolness abounds. As for me, here’s the lineup.

7 PM – So this is your first con? (What to expect for first timers.)

3-5 PM – Can-Con Chocolate Fountain Party: It was such a spectacular hit at the Can-Con Caffeine Party at Ad Astra (spreading the Can-Con love) that we’re bringing it to Can-Con itself, even though you will already be fully aware of the awesomeness and basking in it. We are planning for fewer technical difficulties (fountain has been repaired) and so no delays to the chocolate.
6 PM – My first reading, Stolen Cargo. I will also have copies for sale at Can-Con (no vendor table though).
7 PM – Getting Noticed (in a good way) in the Novel and Short Story Slush Piles. I’ll be moderating with Mike Rimar, Sean Moreland and Gabriele Harbowy, talk about great company!

11 AM – Different ways of reading: From Slush reader, to Editor, to Critic to Audience. Talking all about how these different hats affect how we read.
12 PM – Guardians of the Galaxy, the Phenomenon. (geek out time)

It’s going to be a busy but amazing weekend. I cannot wait.


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