It appears to have been a while since I posted. *whistles innocently* I’ve been working on my novel (draft one now complete!) and most recently, preparing for Can-Con this weekend. It’s been a lot of updating the website and working on a special, top-secret project.

It’ll actually be a quieter can-con for me this year as I’m not on as many panels. There are, however, a ton that I want to attend. Here’s my schedule:

Friday, 8-9 PM, Dawn Room
Unarmed Martial Arts for Dummies and Writers:
Knowing the basics of many martial arts leads to more dynamic and believable scenes. And martial arts are super-interesting and fun to pull out at dinner parties! S.M. Carrière practices Kung Fu and teaches kickboxing. Nicole Lavigne studies karate. K.W. Ramsey studied Jiusitsu and Tae Kwon Do. Erik Buchanan holds a black belt in Mo Kempo & Shaolin Kenpo.

Sunday, 1-2 PM, Guildhall (ConSuite)
Readings: Sky Road Walker by S.M. Carriere, True Magics by Erik Buchanan, “Phantom’s Sting” by Nicole Lavigne

You’ll probably also spot me hanging around a lot of The Ed Greenwood Group (TEGG) events and panels.

The Dealer’s Room is free to the public, jut drop by the registration desk for an NPC Sticker to get in. You can pick up copies of the Aurora Award-winning Second Contacts, containing my story “Soil of Truth”, at the Bundoran Press table. (By the way, YAY! Second Contacts won for Best English Related Work. I’m in an award-winning anthology!!!)


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