Ad Astra Schedule

Ad Astra is coming up this weekend. This will be my first year on programming there, and it’s going to be a busy one. Here’s my schedule:


7:00 PM – Trophies: A Live Reading of the Stage Play by Hayden Trenholm
with Erik Buchanan, Hayden Trenholm, James Bambury, Matt Moore, MJ Moores
in Richmond A


10:00 AM – Steampunk Reading
with D. L. Narrol, Kate Heartfield
in Oakridge

Noon – Do You Binge-Read?
with Brandon Draga, Kate Heartfield, Robert J. Wiersema
in Markham B

3:00 PM – A Guide to Submitting Your Short Stories
with Kate Heartfield, Gregory A. Wilson, Robert Boyczukin Markham B

4:00 PM – Sherlock Goes Victorian
with Giasome Italiano, Sarah Remy
in Nermarket

Sunday, May 1

11:00 AM – Princess Leia: Slave Princess Action Hero or All of the Above?
with Kari Maaren, Mary Fan
in Markham A
The full schedule is available online now over here:

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