Coming this Fall

Bundoran Press has been creating these little teaser videos for the stories in Second Contacts. It makes me ridiculously happy.


Back to the NAC, Arthur Take 2!

Marie Bilodeau and I have had a lot of fun working together on a couple of shows at the Tea Party and West End Well, including our show of Arthurian Legends, a favourite for both of us. Now we have the pleasure and joy of doing another, new, show about King Arthur at the National Arts Centre as part of the Ottawa StoryTellers’ 4th Stage Series. And we’ll be joined by the fantastically multi-talented musician friend of mine, Jason Sonier.

4th stage web header

The Wizard & The Dragon

January 21, 2016, 7:30 PM

Legendary King Arthur and his mentor the wizard Merlin still cast an enduring spell. Drawing on the original texts of Geoffrey of Monmouth, 1100 to 1155, and Lord Tennyson, The Idylls of the King, Nicole Lavigne and Marie Bilodeau, accompanied by the eclectic musical talents of Jason Sonier, journey into this tale of darkness versus light to explore the role of prophecy and fate in the lives of these two fascinating mythic figures. Let the enchantment begin!

Guest Post

I know, I’ve been silent for a couple of months now. I took some much needed down time after the creative writing workshop (amazing but busy) plus various and sundry submission deadlines. It was greatly needed. But I have been getting back to the writing now. I just finished revising an older short story and have started it circulating again. I also wrote a new story that is inspired by the glass blowing classes I have taken. And I wrote a guest post, over on Marie’s blog.

It all started with this article and one woman’s experiment with using a male pseudonym and getting better response rates. That inspired Marie’s little rant on the subject, and as it is a topic we have discussed in the past, she asked me to write a post about my own decision process on the matter. You can read my post here: